Your #1 source for jigs, umbrella rigs, planer boards, slab spoons, Percy Priest and Tims Ford Striper and hybrid Guide, Plus Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina striper Guide Service. If you fish stripers, hybrid, or any type of predatory game fish, check out what we have to offer. You won't believe how many types of fish will devour our products.

I'll be having a $100.00 product give-away on Facebook in 2012. If your on Facebook, send a friends request Rene McComb and I'll add you to the group which is where the Giveaway will take place. You don't have to be a Facebook member to enter. Email me your pictures with your catch and I'll load them for your entry. Limit 4 pictures please.


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Pictures with Captain Rene from Percy Priest and Tims Ford and clients of Striper Addiction

Starting a new project for our customers. I have just started a group on FaceBook for my customers. Here is your opportunity to show off your catches with Striper Addiction products. To build enthusiasm from one customer to another, I will occasionally offer special deals and from time to time, prize incentives. If you are a member of Facebook and would like to join this special closed group, drop me a email at I will add you to the group and explain the rules and guidelines for this special group of friends.

Rig season is here. Make sure to get your orders in ahead of time. After taking the Micro out of the sales book several years ago, I've brought it back. Now with closed loops and attached swivels and several wire sizes and configurations, Striper Addiction was the first to introduce these unique rigs (both the Atom and Micro rigs) back in the 90's and we're still the best and most unique on the market. I appreciate all the emails I received telling me about the look a-likes being made by so many folks over the past year and a half. I knew how lethal these rigs are to a fishery and worked together back in the late 90's with the TWRA to address them before things got out of hand. Regardless, my designs for use with a single hooked bait have won countless tournaments over the past 17 years since introducing them.

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Can You Beat this Smallmouth? Caught in 2006 with the Micro rig on Tims Ford Reservoir in Tennessee.

Can you beat this striper? Taken in 2012 from Old Hickory reservoir in Tennessee with live bait and Striper Addiction 410 boards. Want to catch one like this? Contact my friend and guide Bob Angello at


Can you beat this hybrid? Taken on Percy Priest Reservoir in 2006 on a guide trip with captain Rene McComb

Can you beat this one? Taken in 2007 on Tims Ford Reservoir using a Striper Addiction Atom rig.

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4 to 6 clients can now fish together! We also offer large group outings with multiple boats at a discount rate.

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