Bucktail Jigs


Bucktail jigs are one of the most important lures when fishing for stripers and many other types of predatory fish. This is why every fisherman on the planet normally has jigs in their tackle box.

Currently I produce the Banana Head style of jigs. Other types will be forthcoming.  The current stocked sizes are 3/8's, 1/2, 3/4 and 1-ounce. Colors are all the primary colors used to catch stripers and other predatory gamefish. All jigs are made with a heavy wire saltwater resistant Eagle Claw hook.

Each jig is is painted with high quality vinyl paint with brilliant stick-on eye patterns. Each jig is then coated with a finish of clear to protect the color and paint of the jig.

Color Patterns Body Material

White (001) White/Chartreuse (002)
White/Hot Pink (003) White/Red (004)
White/Blue (005) White/Yellow (006)

Color Patterns Head Paint

White (001) Chartreuse (002)
Pearl (005)  

* Denotes special request/non stocked style