Small Jigs

We produce a variety of custom jigs for multiple species of fish. These are tied for you by your specifications. these catch nearly an endless number of fish species. Everything fresh and saltwater fish. Below are just a few patterns of the many 100's we have tied specifically per customer request. Whether you fish for seatrout, reds and permit and pompano on the flats or float-N-fly for smallmouth, crappie fish brush piles and bounce the bottom for a cooler of walleye fillets, These are the hottest jigs out there. Once you have decided on the particular color pattern you want, we tie one up for your approval and fill the rest of your order. Prices for these jigs range from $1.00 to $1.50 depending on the material used to produce them. We have just about any color and material needed to fill your custom design. We use natural hair and feathers and synthetic materials to bring these jigs to life. We make our jigs from 1/32 to  2-ounces You can always choose from one of the patterns below.

Tay Tay's Pics 001.JPGTay Tay's Pics 003.JPG
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Tay Tay's Pics 008.JPGTay Tay's Pics 011.JPG
#sp003         sp#004        
Tay Tay's Pics 012.JPGTay Tay's Pics 025.JPG
sp#005         sp006        
Tay Tay's Pics 026.JPGTay Tay's Pics 027.JPG
sp#007         sp#008        
Tay Tay's Pics 028.JPGTay Tay's Pics 030.JPG
sp#009         sp#010