Cathy Braswell 8# Striper May 2006

Cathy and Dan Braswell 10.5# Hybrid

Captain Mark Williams-Indiana May 2006

Kevin Davis with his first parachute trolled hybrid.

Steve Bailey with his first ever hybrids

Jim Orrick caught fish trolling the first time he used Striper Addiction Products. He's having a ball using the rigs and the techniques he received. Maybe the big fish that spooled you will give you another crack tomorrow.

Jim Perry took only 10 minutes to catch his first fish with our rigs. This one came on July Fourth and was landed by his stepson. Who say's you can't catch stripers in a lake they are not stocked. Don't worry Jim, your secret is safe with me.

Lucas and Steve Burt enjoyed a day on the water with Captain Rene. We did try live bait a couple of times and didn't land any. These were two of several fish caught on Striper Addiction Rigs and equipment.

Jim Orrick is fast becoming the poster child for Striper Addiction Products. I believe that Jim has at least caught a limit of fish every time he's fished with our rigs.

Jacob Stinson fishing with his dad Mike, took top honors in the big fish category during the July Percy Priest Hybrid and Striper Club tournament. They using the new aluminum board to pull the rig when this 12+ hybrid hit.

Jim Orrick from Morristown

Jim Michetti 23.2 Old Hickory

Jim and Captain Rene with a 23.0 from Old Hickory

Jim Michetti-Old Hickory