Captain Mark Williams had the chance to try his new aluminum boards this past weekend on some Indiana stripers and hybrids. These boards are great and run true and don't lay flat on their side like others do. Your stainless steel clips worked perfect and their nice cuz there's no adjusting needed. The real cool part is you don't have to run them out as far to get them to the side. I had to do a double take to find them. My Church and Off-Shore boards were way back off the corners as normal and I couldn't find yours'. They were running straight off to the side like a perfect board should. That's going to be a huge help to not have to let them out as far when boat traffic gets thick in the summer. I won't have to worry about my boards getting run over anymore.
The first time out with the new boards and we boated our best striper on Percy Priest ever! Not huge by some folks standards, but big enough to makes us happy. Your boards track excellent and making turns was never a problem. Your new 612 we tried also performed well using it as downline and 2-ounce egg sinker. Can't wait to start trolling your rigs with them in another month. Daryl and Jim
I've been using your keeled planer boards for three months now and all I can say is GREAT !  Without a doubt they are the best live bait / slow trolling boards I've used ... and I've used Yellow Bird, Walleye, and Offshore to name a few .  At the slow speeds I troll live bait (.4 - .8 mph) , the others just drug lazily off the back of the boat .  Yours on the other hand stay clear off the rear corners of the boat and well to the sides - just what they're supposed to do.  I'm very pleased and will be ordering more.
Thanks for a GREAT board,
Duane S.
Captain Rene, Here's a great picture of the sun setting and all your planer boards being slammed by fish. I love these boards and will be ordering more. Chris W.
Great boards that perform excellent! That's why I have several and plan to get a few more. Tommy J. and Gareth S.
Your boards are a hell of a thing. My best striper ever taken with them. Gary G.
Here's a couple of Old Hickory fish. Thanks for the boards. They are fantastic!

Kevin O.