Quick Teasers

Quick Teasers were first created a year ago as a means of presenting teasers to the arms of Parachute rigs and umbrella rigs. Many states and tournament organizations prohibit the use of multiple hooks per rod. Until we developed the idea of the Quick teasers, fisherman were left with the only option of purchasing jigs and cutting the hooks off to comply with these laws and regulations.

What I hadn't thought about when I came up with the idea was all the benefits these little guy's offer. Consider this, the average fisherman can tie a knot in about a minute. Each rig with double loops has a total of eight. With two knots being tied per loop that totals 16. Add the extra time involved with handling the rig while doing this and you can see that rigging one can take 20 minutes or more to do. Add variables like cold weather and numb fingers and add another 10 minutes. THE HECK WITH THAT! Here's another huge advantage. One of the problems associated with tied teaser lines is twist. With the fine stainless steel wire used on the Quick Teasers, it eliminates this problem. Want more? Because you can quickly unassembled the Quick Teasers off the rig, storage of the rig is made easy. No more tangled lines. No more wasted false jigs and helps to preserve your soft plastics until the next trip. Add to that the fact that fish can prefer a different color pattern hour to hour and day to day, changing colors is quick and simple. One less thing to dread.

With the snap-on snap-off feature of the quick teasers you can rig one up in just a few minutes. Minutes in a tournament situation, or under frosty conditions is huge.

Quick Teasers come in sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1-ounce in size. Colors are generally painted in solid patterns. Lengths of the teasers come in 3, 4 and 6-inches. They are packaged in packs of 4. Many fisherman like to use shorter lengths on the inside and longer lengths to the outside. Standard Quick Teasers are the head and wire. No tied material, or added

Color Patterns

White (001) Chartreuse (002)
Red (003) Black (004)
Pink (005) Blue (006)

Special Patterns

Bucktail (BT) Neon Fiber (NF)
Bucktail with Blades (BTB) Neon Fiber with Blades (NFB)