"The Atom Rig"

8 wire .040 diameter with 3 blade wires and 5 bait wires

5 wire rig with 3 blade wires and 2 long bait wires

3 wire rig

2 blade/teasers wires and 3 bait wire

5 wire rig with 4 short wires and 1 long bait wire

5 wire rig

3 wire crappie rigs

Smallest rig I offer

The "Atom" rig makes fine additions to your trolling situations. Designed solely as teasers with a single hooked per rig, these little guy's have turned a lot of heads in recent years.

The "Atom Rig" utilizes two stainless steel wires (.053 dia.) to form the arms. Line attachment is done with two eye inserts inline with the center of the rig. Weight of the lead formed around the rig is approximately 1/2 of an ounce. The "Atom" rig is unique in the fact that it can be used a high speed trolling rig or, as a live bait presenter.


Rig work extremely well as precise depth controllers off from downriggers. Targeted species for these rigs include; stripers, hybrid stripers, small and largemouth bass, walleye, white bass, spotted bass, northern pike, muskie, salmon, trout and a multitude of saltwater species.

The Micro is back by popular demand. Well not exactly, just listing them back on the site. Because I make these rigs unique to the many different species of fish out there. I am custom making each one to your design specification. I make rigs with two different size wires which includes .051 and .040 Stainless Steel Spring wire. Depending on the size of wire, I can make them with up to 8 wires. I also make two weights. the standard 3/8's ounce rig and my first new rig in 14 years, the 1/8-ounce panfish rig. Excellent for crappie, white-bass and more. Because all rigs are different and of different sizes, my prices are not posted yet. However, all rigs range in price from $4.50 to less then $10.00. Just depends how you as a customer wants them set-up. Don't pay $25.00 per rig! That's just crazy.

Details and use

Rig Use Atom
Recommended # test line 15 to 25
Down rigging Yes
Planer Board use Yes
Live bait Yes
Multiple Hooks No
Diameter of rig (hand bent-may vary slightly) 7"

Atom Rig colors available (fiber tied to best coordinate with rig)

White White/Chartreuse White/Hot Pink
Red/White Black/White Blue/White
Red Black Blue