Plan a trip of a lifetime.

When deciding to plan a striper and hybrid fishing trip with Captain Rene, here's some things to consider.

The time of year

Spring- Spring on any given year can bring a variety of weather patterns to middle Tennessee. We have days in January that may be 70 degrees and periods in April where the highs struggle to hit 50 degrees. Winds are always a factor during this time frame as frontal systems move through the area as frequent as a street light changes color. If you're coming to the city of Nashville to take in the sites and want to double your fun here by experiencing a fishing trip with me, come prepared for ever changing weather. Our Spring fishing normally included the months of February through April. We have a great chance to catch and release fish during this time frame. Whether you choose to fish with me on Percy Priest, or Tims Ford we'll have a good time.

Temperatures can range for lows in the teens at night to 70's during the day.

Summer- Summer always promises warmer weather and warmer water. I consider the peak periods for fishing this period to be excellent in May, June and July and real good in August. Depending on how warm and hot it gets, will dictate what we can do and how many fish we can catch. Mortality of fish can be really bad during this period and if we catch fish of certain size that don't survive, they will be kept as part of your two fish limit. We always have the options to fish for catfish and yellow bass for a while and both provide a lot of fun and excitement.

Temperatures can range for lows in the 50's at night to 100's during the day.

Fall- Fall is transition time for us. At some point we see a lake turnover that can be tough on the fish and the bite you'll experience. There are years when it's really good and times when I have to pull every trick out of the bag to make your trip a dream come true. Fall for us is usually the period of September, October and the first half of November. Call it luck, skill or blessed, but this is the time when we host the Percy Priest Club Fish-Off Championship in which I have had the fortune to win 5-times and place in the money a total of 10-times. (In 13 tournaments) I'll do everything in my power to catch fish for you.

Temperatures can range for lows in the 30's at night to mid 80's during the day.

Winter- Winter as you can expect can get cold, even here in the mid-south. However, we have a great bite on Percy Priest during this period. So long as the water doesn't get below 40 degrees on the surface, fish remain active. Tims can be exciting too during the winter. Fish here are a little more unpredictable, but some of the best winter fishing I have experienced has been on Tims.

Temperatures can range for lows in the teen's at night to mid 60's during the day.

Morning, or afternoon- Fishing mornings or the afternoon really is dictated by the fish. Me, personally am a afternoon fisherman. Although I work a 40-hour a week job, (currently on days) I do most trips in the afternoon during the week and either on the weekends when I can. Most trips I did last year on Percy Priest and Tims Ford were all done well after the sun came up. Most times we didn't start fishing until after 2:30 PM and still caught tons of fish. For those that prefer not getting up at 3:00 AM to go fishing half a day and then being too tired to do anything once you're back, I'm your kind of fishing guide. Of most every tournaments I've won, I did so in the afternoon when most have given up.

Use this information when planning a trip and let me help you experience something you see on TV,. but could only dream about doing some day. Captain Rene