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Our reports begin 4/09/07 and run to current. They are listed for the persons interested in going on a guide trip to help you plan your timing. If you are interested in fishing another lake, or state with one of my listed guide associates, please email me and I will get you a report from that lake if possible. 

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04/26/09 Sorry my fishing reports page is not getting updated after every trip. I am busy over 16-hours everyday with work, guide trips, lure and rigs production and my new service of paintless dent repair. Yes I have been fishing and the clients have been tearing them up. Both Percy Priest and Tims Ford are producing with stripers in the 20 pound range and the best hybrid brought in by a client hitting 14 pounds 2-weeks ago. In the eight trips over the past 5 weeks my lowest catch was 6-fish and the best day with over 25 fish. My trip this past Saturday produced 10-fish on Priest in just a 3 hours of fishing from noon to 3:00 PM. Wind was really howling at up to, if not more than 30 mph's. They are already looking forward to coming back and doing it again. From June 9th through July 10th I will be available to guide 7-days a week.

03/06/09 Fished today with some good friends on Percy Priest. We opted to hold the start of the trip off until after the big Bass tournament had well gone through their blast off. Nothing like setting up on a prime location and having 250 screaming boats pass you illegally 25 feet away running over your lines and boards. Not my idea of a good time. Regardless, we decided to pull live bait behind our planer boards in the mid-lake area. A brisk wind in the open areas somewhat forced us to limit our range of locations. We found a area with barely a ripple and set lines. Water was a little dingy from recent rains. This made boat control a absolute must for maintain proper depth with our baits. Surface temp was 58 by days end with cloudy skies early turning to bright and sunny during the afternoon. Yes we did catch fish! Only one striper was caught with a bunch of hybrids opting to do battle too. Our best fish were the 12 pound striper and two hybrids pushing over 10 and maybe 11 pounds. I am telling you straight up-"If you want to catch a trophy hybrid, one over 10 pounds and maybe to 16 pounds, now is the time to book a trip." Most weekends still have a open date available. give me a call and make your dream come true.

03/01/09 Fished Saturday morning on Percy Priest. Actually participated in the Mid-TN Striper Club tournament. Wasn't a day for the faint at heart. 38 degrees, 20 mph winds and a steady rain left everyone participating rather numb by the end of the 4-hour tourney. Believe it or not, fishing was pretty good. I was a guest fishing with a client this day and we boated 10 fish and maybe lost that many to light bites. Since this was a CPR tournament (Catch-Photograph-Release) the total length of your two biggest fish was counted. My partner and I finished 3rd just inches out. The good news is 1st-2nd and 3rd places were won by Striper Addiction clients. Weather looks great for the upcoming week and the fishing couldn't be better on Percy Priest. Let's go fishing and catch that trophy hybrid you've always wanted.

02/22/2009  Here we are again with spring just around the corner. Don't think for a minute there hasn't been any fishing going on. In fact we are having a fantastic bite on Percy Priest. If you're looking for a trophy hybrid-now is the time to get that wall-hanger. We are catching hybrids in the teens right now and the action should stay real good for the next month for the big fish. They should be at their peak weight until we get closer to the spawn. This past Saturday was very productive despite the high winds. I am really struggling to keep up with the website with orders and the two other full time jobs I do. So, if you want a up-to-date fishing report in order to decide if now is the time to book a trip, call me direct at 931-215-9438. The up coming weeks I will be open most of the week of 3/2 and all of 3/9. Let's go stretch your arms.

01/27/2009 After a very long and arduous work schedule for much of 2008 I shut everything down and took a trip to Florida. Of course I planned to sneak a little fishing in while there. Always dreamed of saltwater fishing and actually planned to fish with a guide one day, but complications prevented that plan from happening. Armed with a pair of waders and a few of my swim jigs and saltwater jigs I gave it a shot. The first few days were really unfishable. High winds and very cold temps suppressed really doing much. Finally on the third day I went out and fished a hot water discharge from a power plant. Didn't take long for me to realize that saltwater fish love my items even more so than back at home. One of the first fish I caught was a 12 pound 24 inch permit that just about brought me to my knees after a long 20+ minute fight. Fortunately, a fella next to me took time off from his fishing and netted the fish for me. I've known that these fish can get big, but what I didn't realize was that under normal circumstances they do so much farther south and out in open water. The old timers said that was the biggest Permit they have ever seen caught there. I gave the fella that netted my fish a couple of my jigs as a tip and wouldn't you know he caught permit and trout right next to me on his. Not as big though. Over the next three mornings for that 2-hours of magic when the tides and rising sun was just right I landed all of the following; Permit, Pompano, Gag Grouper, 3 different species of snapper, catfish, blue fish, Spanish mackerel, angel fish, flounder, sheephead, black drum and a jack. Definitely a great time and had the chance to see many manatees and porpoise as well. 

09/28/2008 Fished Old Hickory today with a couple of new friends. You have never seen so much bait in your life! Literally schools of shad football fields long and 10 foot thick. Not much problem in catching bait. We manage to to boat several smaller stripers in the 8 to 10 pound range. BUT! it's not the ones we landed, but the ones that got away that keep us addicted to striper fishing. I mean we hooked 3 big fish that just over matched our rods, or by a fluke, got off just before the battle ended. One fish was strong enough to actually shatter the rod to pieces. No kidding.

7/19/08 First mate grab my rigs and headed to Tims Ford and enjoyed great success pulling them. No big fish were landed, but one topped 11 pounds.

7/14/08 Fished Tims Ford after working in the plant during the day for a trip with new clients purchasing our famous rigs and lures. only able to fish about 4-hours (4:00-8:00 PM), but that was all we needed to land around 10 fish and losing several more. All fish were of course landed with our rigs.

7/02/08 Fishing Percy Priest and Tims Ford is really good right now! I have been inundated with emails from happy clients enjoying fishing conditions, their rigs and planer boards. Priest is really good for numbers of bull fighting hybrids. Tims is good for stripers and hybrids trolling rigs and pulling bait behind our boards. Jumps are still happening in the evenings and folks are getting into fish the last hour before dark. If I don't book any clients for the weekend, I'll be out chasing them with the family.

6/22/08 Tough day today on Tims Ford. Several clients out during the past week had commented about poor to no action and I couldn't understand why. Then I was there and figured it out. I could tell nearly 30 minutes in that it was going to be tough. First of all we had a full moon during the week and that tends to shift feeding patterns towards after dark. Second, we still had to contend with high water and lots of surface trash from the shoreline in the form of leaves, branches and some good sized logs. Third and probably the most deterring factor was pleasure boaters had riled up the banks enough that a surface mudline had traveled away from the banks some 40 to 50 yards cutting the amount of light penetrating down deep. With fish holding steady at 40 foot most of the day, they just didn't have the same view they did two weeks earlier. However, we did catch fish, just not as many as I am use to. Our biggest fish may have topped 14 pounds. The rest were smaller fish.

6/07/08 Hot! Hot! Hot! That's the only way you can describe it. However the fishing was real good. Fished Tims Ford today and boated many fish up to 17 pounds. We didn't start fishing until 12:45 PM. Just right for those in the know and the right rigs. Trolled all day with those sweet heart striper addiction rigs and didn't pull them 50 yards before doubling up. That set the tone for the day as action continued throughout the day and into the dark. We boated several hybrids in the 8 pound class in addition to the many stripers. Had a couple of first timers on board that were a blast to have along on the trip. Water temperature was into the low 80's and still nearly 2 feet above summer pool. That could only mean one thing-lot's of debris getting washed into the lake from the boat waves crashing the shoreline. If you want to experience a great trip-now's the time and Tims is the place.

5/25/08 Bright sunny skies, 86 degree temps, no wind and 8 zillion boats added up to some tough conditions for us on Tims Ford Sunday. However, we gave it our best shot. We arrived at the lake early in hopes of beating the heavy boat traffic at the ramp during the late morning rush. We even took a break for 2 hours during the heat of the day since traffic was so bad. We began trolling around 3:00 PM catching a 17 pound striper with our Striper Addiction rig. Turning around we boated a 13 pound fish right in front of a crowd of folks. So many in fact I had to leave the fish to try and find a open area to fish. We did and boated a 23 pound fish and another good'n. In all the fish were suppressed deep from the heavy boat traffic and made sporadic attempts to feed in areas where boats were absent for a few minutes. Water temperature rose from 78 at days start to 83 by days end. I look forward to really hot action in the next two months.

5/21/2008 Weather is warming up and the fishing is getting very good. Percy Priest is seeing great action particularly in the afternoon with live bait and pulling our famous trolling rigs. Stripers over 18 pounds and hybrids over 12 pounds are being reported to me by several customers the past few days. Tims Ford is finally getting to where it should be with great top water action in both the mornings and afternoon periods. Trolling is catching fish with our rigs and will only get better as the weather heats up over the next few weeks. Both hybrids and stripers have been reported over the past few days. Best fish recorded was a 19 pound striper and 8 1/2 pound hybrid. (max for the average hybrid in Tims Ford). I originally closed the weekend to scheduled fishing trips but now have opened the period from Friday to Monday. (May 23rd to May 26th)

5/10/2008 Fished Percy Priest today for a late morning/afternoon trip. Had no problem catching bait, just not the right size I was looking for. I had either jumbo gizzards of 10 inches or small 3 1/2 shad. Started out trolling and caught a couple fairly quick with the Striper Addiction rigs and decided to place some bait down on them. Caught one after 45 minutes and decided to work our way down lake. Trolled around at a few locations and really didn't find any fish schooled up at three locations. Did place some bait down on them and caught one small hybrid. Fished our last location of the day about when I figured they would show up and caught several more fish including some trophy class hybrids of 10 pounds plus. These fish were slim after the spawn. I figured these same fish would have been 12+ a few weeks earlier. Probably could have easily caught these fish trolling, but with a couple of old friends fishing near by on the small area, I decided to ply the bait. All-in-all, we had a good trip with enough fish to keep everyone happy.

5/03/2008 Fished Tims Ford today with some new friends for a 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM trip. Talk about tough! A major front passed through during the night dumping lot's of rain. Dropping temperatures 8 degrees and blowing the wind at 15 to gusts of 25 MPH. Post spawn conditions didn't help us much either during this mid day trip. I gave it my best shot and hooked up twice only to lose both fish. One was a good'n that found a tree after hitting the rig. That was it for the mid day trip. I did stick around for the evening action to see what was happening and caught one striper about 12 1/2 pounds pulling the rigs and 3 hybrids and one smallmouth on bait. The smallmouth was a jumbo fish I guessed at well over 6 pounds. I did get a measure on the fish before letting her swim away at 22 3/4 inches. Being by yourself in the teeth of a strong wind that was steady now at 20+ blew me out of the area and I opted to scope around some unexplored coves. Water temp was 70 degrees with just a little color from the 3 inches of rain during the night. In my experience with Tims Ford I say it needs another week or so before we start seeing consistent action. For the time being I recommend early and late for the action.

4/30/2008 Fished Percy Priest today after the second of two nights with the temps falling into the 30's. As suspected, the bite really turned on well after the sun was out and the temperature warmed up. For this 1/2 day trip that ended right when things turned on, we did okay. In fact we caught fish every pass trolling those famous striper addiction rigs right at the end. No telling how many we could have caught had we not had to wrap things up. We did start out fishing live bait early and caught four fish, but nothing was of bragging size. The rig bite will be getting hot over the next week or so and should stay good for the summer. My next trip is scheduled at Tims ford. As you can guess, every time I schedule a trip we call it off due to the weather. Our plans are still a go, but may have to start a little later. A strong cold front possibly causing severe weather is predicted to pass through late Friday night and into Saturday morning. Let's just hope for the best.

4/26/2008 Fished Percy Priest today with some new found friends, Bobby and Cindy. This was their first time striper fishing and my gut feeling is this won't be their last. After somewhat of a windy, cold and rainy start the sun came out and the wind laid down. Bet you never thought I'd say the wind was calm this year. We caught some beautiful hybrids and stripers this day. Our best fish was a striper topping 13 pounds that Cindy got to reel in. Due to FCC rules, I cannot repeat her words when seeing the fish for the first time. Let's just say it wasn't WHOA! The pressure was on Bobby all day to beat her fish and I did about everything I could to make it happen. Cindy made sure to remind him every few minutes he was running out of time. Unfortunately, we ended our trip just about the time the afternoon bite should have started and Bobby will have to hear about it for some time. Something tells me I may see a rematch in the future. These folks were a ton of fun to be around and I really enjoyed our visit. Thanks.

4/19/2008 Fished Percy Priest today in the Percy Priest Hybrid and Striper Club tournament. As you can imagine it was a very windy day AGAIN! A storm system passed through Friday evening dropping the temperature down from the mid 70's to the high 50's and low 60's. Captain Bob Angello fished with me since his new 225 Honda engine was broke down on his boat. We fished Bob's hole first after spending the first 2-hours of the tournament catching bait for the day. Anchoring up off a point on a creek channel, we boated several fish including a 15.5 striper and numerous small hybrids to 8-pounds. We stuck it out here until 11:00 AM. By then the wind was really cranking and even my heaviest anchor was being pulled free from the bottom. We decided to catch a few more bait for the remainder of the day at this point. Bob was ready to call it quits, but I convinced him to fish my hole with my rigs. I asked him from the get-go to allow me just 10 minutes at my spot with my rigs. I assured him that's all I would need to win this. So off we went. Upon getting to my location the wind was now howling at a brisk 35+ and spitting rain pretty hard. Bob wasn't really enthused at this point. On my first pass I immediately hooked up and boated a real nice striper. A 13.9 pound fish. He gets a phone call so I turned around and made another pass setting my rig back in the water. Whoa! I Hook up again and boated another striper over 14 pounds. In total we spent an exhausting 10 minutes at my honey hole and were fairly confident we had enough to win so we quit with 2-hours left in the tournament. We weighed in a little under 30 pounds for our two best fish and won by about 5-pounds over second place. In a nut shell. We (I) spent 3 1/2 hours throwing a cast net. Got soaking wet. Smelled to high heaven from shad goo and algae slime. Battled high winds and slipping anchors. Broke 20 lines snagged on the bottom from the anchors slipping. And the real kicker was all we had to do was use my rigs 10 minutes to win. The things us Striper Addicted fools do. I hope nobody finds a cure for our stupidity. It's a hoot. Bob is using my boat today to fish and what do you think the one question he asked before I left was? Is there any chance you can leave me your rig for tomorrow? Of course Bob! What are friends for? Captain Rene

4/17/2008 Fished Percy Priest today and did very well using Striper Addiction Rigs. Why Rigs? Well, I spent over two hours throwing my cast net to boat 20 shad. The cold snap earlier in the week dropped the surface temperature 8 degrees and pushed the shad to deep water. However, later in the afternoon the water warmed up enough to draw them into the shallows and those throwing nets had better success then. Lot's of fish hanging around the usual areas and my partners for the day received some needed schooling on trolling the rigs. Biggest fish of the day was a huge hybrid pulled to within netting distance only to dive one more time and find freedom. There's a new saying on my boat. Something I hear every time out. WHOA!!! Striper Addiction is now the home of WHOA! We describe it as " the image one sees at the end of their Striper Addiction Product." In addiction to boating some great hybrids, we boated a few stripers and one real nice flathead catfish. Water temperature was 64 degrees by days end. 

4/13/08, 2008 Due to a overwhelming schedule in the latter half of last week and very bad weather scheduled for Saturday, I just never had a chance to prepare for the Tims Ford tournament and did not fish it. However in discussing the outcome with one of Striper Addiction's customers, I do know that Striper Addiction clients took first and second in the event. The difference between the two places was only .16 of a pound which is not more then a couple drops of water. First went to Captains Bob Angello and Don Schleicher. Second went to Captain Tommy Jacobs and Chris Williams. I have not seen the rest of the boards outcome to post all the results. I can say this about the fishing at Tims. The primary tactic used was to pull bait from planer boards away from the boat. Some fish were caught trolling as well. First and second place total weights for two fish was just below 30 pounds. The fish have not yet spawned and if the weather holds out as predicted, then next weekend with the full moon cycle we should see the beginnings of this period. Although a short lived event, this is a hoot to take part in. I can tell you that the largest fish caught during the event was a 35 pounder.  Blue catfish that is. Something you can expect to catch when fishing for stripers with live and cut-bait. Congratulations to our customers for making a sweep during the Tims tournament two years in a row. 

April 8th, 2008 Fished Percy Priest today with some new friends. Once again we experienced windy conditions with a steady wind much of the day 8 to 10 MPH higher then the predicted 14 MPH. White caps kept us off some good fishing areas. However, once we caught enough bait we started pulling bait in the mid-lake area until it became just too windy. Then we dropped back to the lower half of the lake and pulled bait for a couple of hours. We caught fish consisting of smaller hybrids and a decent striper around 12 pounds. Then on a whim, I pulled out a couple of new striper addiction rigs I set up for the Tims Ford tournament this weekend. I guess it took maybe a minute before we hooked a good fish and boated a beautiful 16+ pound striper. Several more stripers followed with everyone aboard being happy. I know I was happy since catching bait in the morning was very tough. The day before bait was easy to catch. As a note, don't forget the Tims Ford tournament this weekend hosted by the Middle Tennessee Striper Club and Holiday Landing resort. Details can be viewed on our home page.

April 5th, 2008 This is not a fishing report, but a update on our current water conditions. We have experienced a goodly amount of rain in recent weeks with nearly 3 to 4 inches falling this past Thursday and Friday. This has caused Percy Priest to become very stained and down right muddy for much of the upper half of the lake. Fishing will be slow until the lake flushes itself out. This will depend on on much water is released at the dam and barring any more rain falling over the next few days. The Cumberland river system is very high and muddy. This doesn't go well for anglers vying for a trophy fish in the reservoirs of Cordell Hull and Old Hickory. The good news is that it doesn't take long to flush this system out since there is much greater water flow through them. As long as we don't see any more rain here we could experience better fishing by the weekend of April 12th. Tims Ford has finally received a much needed heavy rain. The upper half is stained, but the lower half is somewhat clear. A release of water from Woods reservoir upstream could clear the upper half quickly since drawing water from deep below the surface. I will be fishing next weekend competing in a tournament there. The action could be excellent if the fish are spawning and on the bottom bite, or we could see slow bite if the majority of the fish have spawned and are in a post-spawn pattern. 

March 23rd, 2008 Steve Burt, son Lucas and guest joined me for a day on Percy Priest today. After carefully deciding a couple days in advance that the weather and wind was going to cooperate for us we set Easter as the best day to go. The original prediction (guess) was to have a wind of 7 MPH for the day. Turned out to be 10 to 20 and highs early in the low 50's dropping to the mid 40's. BRUTAL! We started fishing around 11:00 AM after securing bait. For the day we boated about 11 hybrids and stripers with 2 bonus white bass and one yellow bass. Our best striper was close to 13+ and the best hybrid was around 12 pounds. We did hook into what I am sure was a big striper. She hit and was off to the races like a bolt of greased lightening. Eventually, she found a tree and ran through it leaving a broken line in her wake. None-the-less, we caught fish on a day in which we really never saw anybody else out fishing other then a crappie seeker. I guess no one else was foolish enough to go out.

March 14th, 2008 A little information regarding the Old Hickory and Cordell Hull fisheries. I do know of several folks venturing out to sample the early season. Action is slow, but some are being caught. I know of several fish in the mid to upper 20's caught this past week. Tims Ford on the other is seeing increase activity with hybrids starting to hit on top early and late. Some of these young hybrids are reaching the 9-pound mark.

March 12th, 2008 A trip to Tims Ford was put on hold while my fisherman guests for the day opted to fish Percy Priest instead. Maybe it was a good move, or maybe not. We did catch fish. Over 30 in total with a mix of stripers and hybrids. Mostly hybrids. We didn't start fishing until 10:30 AM and took a 90 minute lunch break at the Marina. I have no idea how many we would have caught had we started earlier and stayed on the water all day. Our best hybrid was around 11 pounds and we had one striper at 8 pounds. We did lose a good one. Our rookie angler that has never caught a fish bigger then 1-pound fought and fought a fish for 15 minutes. Just about the time we we going to catch a glimpse of the critter, it became tangled in two other lines and the hook pulled out. MAN!!! If that was a hybrid and I suspect it was, then it was a true giant. The weather is looking sort of ugly the next two days, so I plan to hit Tims Ford early next week. I will return to my regular 40+ hour a week job on the 25th of March. The best chance to hook up on a trip after that date will be on the weekends. I will be doing some guiding after work hours during the week at a discounted rate. Looks like we are going to have another heck of year. Let's go!!!!!!!

March 9th, 2008 Action slowed for a day or two while the heavy rain and snow storm passed over our area on Friday and Saturday. Fishing this past Sunday was good on Percy Priest with plenty of hybrids to 13 pounds being boated and a few stripers mixed in to make it interesting. Tims Ford. I tell ya! if I have to cancel my plans and unhook the boat one more time due to weather I might as well quit. But I do plan on being there Wednesday for look-see and to test a couple of new items out. I do know there are some hybrids being caught. I plan on dueling with stripers when there and have a good idea where to start. I will post my findings when I return how we did and hopefully some pictures as well.

March 2nd, 2008 Fished Percy Priest today and what in the world were we thinking? The prediction (guess) by the local weather forecasters was wind developing from 15 to 20 MPH in the afternoon. By the time we arrived at the lake around 10:00 AM they were dead on with the 15 to 20. By noon we were faced with 20 to 30 and gusts to 35 MPH. But, we were there and my guests we anxious to do battle with the great hybrids being caught over the past week. Unfortunately, the area the fish were holding at was dead smack down the funnel for the wind. With a constant finger on the trolling motor controls we managed 6 fish by days end and missed another 7 hits. Good news we did what we set out to do and that was put Lucas Burt into a good hybrid. Lucas managed to boat a beautiful 12+ pound hybrid. Our other hybrids ranged from 5 to 10 pounds. Considering the conditions, we did great. If you are looking to get that wall hanger hybrid for the home, or office, the next 6 weeks is your best shot. Give me a call and Captain Rene will do his best to make your dream a reality.

February 23rd, 2008 Fished the Percy Priest hybrid and striper club tournament as a partner to Captain Bob today. Our streak of 4 straight came to an end today. I think if Bob wants to fish together in the future, we'll do so in my boat. His new $45,000.00 boat is jinxed! We finished in a solid fourth place with less than a pound separating second and fourth. The good news is the top four were all customers using striper addiction products to place. In fact, Dave Velthiem just received his planer boards on Thursday and won the tournament. He was ecstatic! Far as fishing was concerned. Give me a break, everyone is catching fish. No real monsters, but good hybrids in the 10+ pound range. We stuck with big shad over shiners in hopes of enticing a big striper, but the hybrids were still attacking us. We used 50 baits and had three left by tournament end. All were hit. Lots of action on Percy Priest right NOW!

Tims is still a little slow with the turbulent weather patterns. One day you can catch 5 to 10 and the next three you're lucky to get one or two fish. Looks like the weather is improving and will try this coming week.

February 3rd, 2008 I haven't been fishing since the 27th, but others have and here is what we know to be currently happening. Percy Priest has seen a goodly amount of rain over the week and a cold rain at that. The area around mid lake has turned a little stained with the water temperature hanging around 40 degrees. Guide and tournament partner Bob Angello reported no fish being caught on Saturday during his guide trip. One client did report catch catching a few closer to the main bridge crossing the lake in the late afternoon. His fish came from a little clearer water. On Monday the 28th, my son and guide himself caught numerous fish in the same area I fished the day before. He also added several bonus crappies, whitebass and yellow bass in his catch. All of his fish were taken with our new 3/4 ounce slab spoon. The cold snap has kept most folks off Tims during the week. I will be there on Thursday or Friday of the coming week and will report on the action. The coming rain forecasted for Monday and Tuesday should be a warm rain and that will in turn heat things up for Tims. I look forward to seeing good results.

January 27th, 2008 Not exactly as planned, but I did fish today. What was supposed to be a trip to Tims Ford turned out to be a trip to Percy Priest. This time of the year we like to use shiners as bait. After purchasing some $24.00 of perfect shiners Saturday afternoon for the trip. I discovered early that evening they had all died. DANG!!! I have heard others tell the story, but was a first for me. Reason unknown yet. Since you can't get bait at Tims my only option this late in the game for a 5:00 AM start was to switch destinations. Percy Priest has bait dealers and they're open early. So off we went. The day started off cloudy and a little windy. COLD!! However, the clouds burned off around 8:30 and the sun came out and the wind laid down. The bite was on. Another day using downlines, Striper Addiction Boards and slab spoons produce 15 fish with 14 hybrids and one striper. No giants today. Most fish averaged 5 to 7 pounds. Heck of a lot of fun for my guests. We ended our day earlier then we normally do and maybe just a little too early for the bigger fish bite. I didn't receive a report from Tims Ford over the weekend. I should have a report from there during the week.

January 12th, 2008 Fished the Middle Tennessee Striper Association's Catch-Photograph-Release (CPR) tournament and for a third tournament in a row, we finished first. Actually, we were tied for first with with another boat with 42 inches. The fog was so thick for the first three hours of the tournament that we didn't get to where we wanted to until just before quitting time. We tried, but did 3 complete circles in the fog before giving up and just setting lines in the water and moving around towards our destination. The tournament finished at 10:00 AM and decided to fish the rest of the day in search for the illusive big hybrids that disappeared after last weeks cold front. At 4:00 PM we found them and every rod in the boat was dancing.  WHAT A RIOT! These were not giants, but great hybrids in the 11 to 12.7 pound category. In all we boated around 25 fish for the day. The water temp has climbed back to near 48 degrees. This may be short lived looking at the weather for the next week. We are expecting cool temperatures over the week. My suggestion if going out on your own is to fish the channel edges next to the flats. Or, give me a call and let's book a trip. Fish were caught using Striper Addiction planer boards and downlines with live bait and Striper Addiction wooly bugger jigs. The biggest hybrid of the day hit a jig. Haven't heard from clients I know are fishing Tims Ford yet. I will post their results later today.

January 5th, 2008 Couple of friends joined me for a day of fishing at Tims Ford. Actually, I joined them. I just happened to have the boat and bait to fish. After agreeing to fish I caught the weather report which claimed 15 to 20 MPH winds with heavier gust's. "What have I gotten myself into?" Was my only thought going into the day. Add to that the most brutal cold front of the year in which temps dropped into the single digits a couple of day's just a day earlier. Oh well, can't go back on my word. The day started as planed and we debated where to start eventually deciding on where the stripers and hybrids were last found prior to the front. NOTHING! No Bait, No Fish-Nothing! I pulled one of my old tournament tricks out of my hat and searched for fish over deep water. Spied a couple of them hanging around 40 foot deep. That gave me a plan to fish one of my deep water areas where scattered trees were present. Set our boards and downlines to 35 and 40 feet deep and began to pull. I'LL BE! It worked. We didn't slay them by no means, but did catch them. Our best fish pushed 15 pounds+ and we had a great, but chilly time on the water. I look forward to a couple of day's of warming temps and some greatly improved fishing. Should be awesome!

Percy Priest is a another tough story. Had several friends fish Saturday and blanked across the board. Give it a couple of day's and things should get red-hot again.

December 30th, 2007 Fished Percy Priest today with very good results. We got a late start having lines in the water around 8:00 AM. By then the best bite had slowed a little. We did manage 24 hybrids, 1 white bass, a few crappies in the 14" range and several yellow bass and largemouth bass. No big ones this trip. Our best hybrids were 8 to 8 1/2 pounds. We caught fish pulling striper addiction boards and down lines with the live bait. We also caught a few hybrids jigging the new striper addiction 1/2 and 3/4 slab spoons. The white, yellow and largemouth bass and the crappie were taken on the new spoon. Water temp was running at 50 degrees.

Tims Ford report from over the weekend saw a few customers pulling live bait with their new striper addiction boards and doing fairly well early and late. I did get a report of a 18 pound striper being caught with some smaller 8 to 12 pound fish. Water temperature was running about the same as Percy Priest. Call-Let's go fishing!

December 26th, 2007 Percy Priest is feast or famine right now and is mostly dictated by time of day and current weather conditions. I fished for a couple hours yesterday during the late afternoon along side several others boats. Skies were crystal blue and a light east wind during a full moon cycle. (My description of the worst conditions possible.) We did better then the other boats in the area, but still was a very slow and tough day. Our best hybrid was a 10 pounder. We also landed a few white bass and some good size crappie. Now roll the clock back two days when the skies were overcast with a west wind and guess what? They hammered them. Conditions really affect the way the fish act each day and depending on your timing will tell you what to expect. Tims Ford is seeing very limited activity right now and reports have not limited. However, I will change that this weekend.

December 17th, 2007 Fishing Percy Priest has been fantastic the past two weeks. Not-so-much for bigger fish, but lot's of decent size hybrids ranging 5 to 7 pounds. Reports indicate plenty of action to be had, particularly during the afternoon period. Best fish reported have been stripers occasionally running 12 to 14 pounds and few hybrids 8 to 11 pounds. Live bait presented off Striper Addiction planer boards has been the best way to fish. Tims Ford on the other hand is seeing limited striper fishing activity. However, those that are fishing are reporting catching decent fish running to 15 pounds for stripers and some hybrids hitting the 9 pound mark. Clear water at Tims Ford has the fish biting early and late in the day. Live bait off Striper Addiction boards and down lined as well as trolling Striper Addiction bladed Atom rigs are producing the best.

November 27th, 2007 Yep! Still hunting and still processing deer. However, plenty of customers are fishing and doing very well. Percy Priest has been good with numbers of hybrids being caught in the 4 to 7 pound range. A few bigger fish are mixed in the bag. Most fish are being caught with bait, spoons and jigs. Tims Ford is beginning to turn around with some real good days being recorded mixed between some fair ones. Both stripers and hybrids mixed in the catch. Fish are averaging 5 to 8 pounds on the hybrids and up to 14 for the stripers. Best action is late and early in the day with the afternoon bite being a little better. Best action is coming on bait late in the day and trolling through the afternoon hours with Striper Addiction rigs with the Atom style Rainbow Runner and Water Melon shaker rigs being best. We are setting up for a heck of a winter bite. Now is the time to reserve your trip with Captain Rene. I would love to stop processing deer for a day. PLEASE!! Reports submitted by D. Wilson, B. Angello, G. Stark and J. Thompson Thanks Guy's

November 19th, 2007 Although I am in the hunting mode for the next few days, the fishing has turned on at Percy Priest and should do the same at Tims Ford. Good reports are coming in from Percy Priest through my guide partners and now is the time to book a trip. Lot's of hybrids of all sizes and a few stripers mixed in the bag have made things very interesting this past weekend. Book a trip scheduled between now and the end of the year and receive $75.00 off the regular full day price.

October 27th and 28th, 2007 Fished Tims Sat evening And Sun morning. Sat evening started about 3:00 fished till dark Boated 2 stripers 1 hybrid and 1 smallmouth no keepers. Sunday morning started before daylight fished till 9:00 boated 5 stripers and 1 smallmouth 19". No keepers. The small fish were biting. no big fish, not much surface activity. Their was a strong wind out of the north creating a lot of chop and a cool day. We had a good time anyway. It was really very quite not many fishermen out. The skiers and jet skies have hung it up for the season. Didn't get your package so didn't get to try the new rigs. Good excuse to go back next weekend. We are marking fish in most of the same places just down deep 35' and down. Water temp was 68. Customer L. Cole

October 20th, 2007 Captain Bob and I fished the PPHSC fish off classic championship today and won. The tournament was held on Percy Priest reservoir where conditions are tough to say the least. Using the atom rig setups known as Rainbow Runner and the Water Melon Shaker we were able to boat a limit of hybrids and stripers. We also boated another big bass, which doesn't surprise me since it's hard to keep them off this rig. Our biggest fish was a 9.75 hybrid measuring 30" in length. Water temp at the surface was 73 degrees. Look for this to cool later in the week with the expected air temps to drop into the mid 60's as highs.

October 13th, 2007 Fished Percy Priest today with Striper Addiction's new customer John Rawlins and Stephan Renard. Knowing ahead of time we were in for a tough day and having fished the MTSA tournament the week earlier, I had some time to contemplate my plan of action. Of course we started with what worked the week earlier, but, things have changed and a big cold front passed through on Wednesday. Fish had glued themselves pretty much in the 25 to 35 foot range. Knowing Priest and seeing this before, we could have thrown in the towel and gave up. This is an annual event for Priest that lasts for a few weeks until things turn over, or you get rain. However, Captain Rene always has something up his sleeve and pulled two new products out for the first time. Thank God-they saved the day. The new rainbow runner Atom rig and the Jiggle Jig came through and we boated 6 or 7 fish. Two nice hybrids in the 8 - 8 1/2 range were our best fish. Pray for rain. Priest needs it. Fishing should improve here by November. Tims Ford is still good and can't wait to try the new products down there. They will be awesome on Tims. Plan your trip today email or call 931-215-9438.

October 6th, 2007 Fished and competed on Percy Priest today in the tournament and won. Fishing is very tough and if you do, you had better understand trolling. We dangled live bait in front of fish for hours without so much as a stare from the fish. We trolled Striper Addiction Products on tournament day and that proved to be the difference between us catching fish the and the rest of the field getting skunked. Water temp was 78 degrees and slightly stained from the algae in the water. Tims Ford on the other hand is still better fishing, but not quite what it was in August. Fish are on the top in the early and late in the day periods. Striper Addiction Rigs are still doing the best for catching fish here.

September 29th, 2007 Fished Tims Ford today with four good friends. Started kind of later then normal, but expected a late evening bite and hopes of a little topwater action. Caught several fish trolling striper addiction rigs before dusk. Set up in an area in hopes the fish would come up to the surface and start busting. Guessed about 300 yards away from where they did. Managed to get in on them and boated several on downlines, casting jigs and pulling planer boards. All Striper Addiction products. Water continues to drop below where the lake should be at this time of the year. Temp was just under 80 degrees. Always a great day with good friends and Captain Rene

September 21st, 2007 Fished Tims Ford today for the first time in three weeks. Water temperature has cooled to 80 degrees and that's down from 96 the previous trip. Obviously the first thing I noticed was the absent of marks on the graph of any kind. The normal summer pattern had changed and it was time to look at a fall pattern for the fish. That means they become more active late and early in the day. That's exactly what happened. Fish started to appear in the jumps late and lasted for until dark. A graph that was devoid of fish an hour earlier lit up like a night sky on the 4th of July. Fish were on the top and holding in schools at 20 feet. Rods were bending getting tangle and the Chinese fire drill was on. Yeee-HA!

September 16th, 2007 Fished Old Hickory today for the first time this year. With the extreme drought conditions for 2007 and NO generation scheduled for the day, we knew we were in for a tough day. Water temperature was in the low to mid 60's on the main river. However, we were looking for good fish and they just didn't cooperate for us today. Checking with other striper anglers on the water they experience much the same. No to little fish caught. But, Captain Rene came through and did boat 3 fish for the day and missed 6 to 8 other bites. We had 1 fish at near 20 +/- and two around 16 pounds for the day. Any day on the water is better then a bad day at home watching the Titans lose to their rival Indianapolis Colts. All fish were caught on live bait. No top water action experienced.

August 26th, 2007 Fished Tims Ford today and the weather was great compared to the last several weeks. The pleasure boaters thought the same and were out in force. Fish were very spooky and hesitant. Did catch a limit with a smallmouth to boot. The first rain in a month the day before may have had something to do with it as well. Lost a brand new rod and reel to a behemoth. He took everything so fast we never had a chance. Water was 88.9 degrees. Lots of leaves in the water due to trees losing them under our extreme drought conditions. The Atom and 2-ounce rigs were the best producers. White/hot pink best color and 5" pearl shad bodies. Slab spoon is what the big fish hit.

August 19th, 2007 Fished Tims for fun today and had limited success. Problem wasn't that there was a lot of boats, but tons of debris in the water in the form of leaves and floating scum piles. The lack of rain has caused many trees to loose leaves from dehydration and low lake levels that continue to drop has big chunks of scum from around the shoreline to break away and float in open water. We couldn't troll 100 yards before our rigs were bogged down with the junk. However, we did catch fish on the Striper Addiction rigs and had a great time.

August12th, 2007 A trip to Tims Ford for an afternoon was filled with some real excitement. Again we pulled the greatest rigs (Striper Addiction) on the planet to catch our limit of fish +. Again it can be real tough to fish when you're being stopped by curious anglers wanting to know what you're using. We found some hybrids that have proven to be fairly hearty with their survival rates and release them to battle another day. Hopefully when the weigh in at 15 pounds. The big story here is landing the biggest fish taken off my boat out of Tims. Let's review so you know what has happened on my boat in the last few weeks. On several separate occasions we have hung fish that peeled line and ran like a train only to get hung up in a tree at more than 50 feet deep. I lost several of these rigs since my rig retriever only had 50 feet of line. I felt these were good fish but had no proof. Well, tonight was the night we prove what one of these fish actually looked like. Applying one of my favorite tactics I called high speed point wrapping we stuck a fish and it ran. This time we were holding the cards since he was hooked on the shallow side of the point. Obviously this fish was big and for Tims Ford a 20 pound striper is good. I assumed this was a 20 or so fish. Maintaining constant pressure forward on the fish until we could reel in the other lines, the battle dragged on as Client Charlie Riel fought toe-to-toe with the fish.

After a 15 minute hard fought battle the fish appeared out of the depths and all our jaws just dropped. A quick dip of the net and the fish was on board and we were slapping high fives across the boat. Fellow client of Striper Addiction, Larry Cole fishing with his family had the pleasure of witnessing the battle and were also cheering the us on. The fish measured just a tad under 40 inches, but more impressively, the girth was nearly as big. Officially weighed 22 hours after being caught on certified scales the weight was 30 pounds 9-ounces. All of which is headed to the taxidermist. Water temperature dropped to 89 degrees and wind was 5 to 10 and variable.

August 9th, 2007 A trip to Tims Ford was opted over fishing Percy Priest due to conditions and extremely low catch rates on Priest. We fished for about 2 1/2 hours with little action until after 4:30 PM. 104 degrees heat and zero cloud cover was the contributing factor for the later bite. Water temperature has blasted up to 93 degrees and is the highest water temp I have ever seen. However, pulling the greatest rigs one can possibly pull (Striper Addiction rigs) the fish can stall, but eventually they can't resist. Had one triple and boated two of these fish. Landed about 10 fish in a couple of hours of activity and could have easily boated more, but we all had enough. WOW! It's hot.

August 7th, 2007 A demonstration guide trip to Tims Ford with 3 Tennessee guy's that have tried numerous times to catch stripers on their own and with other guides, but failed, proved to be all that was needed. We caught stripers with no problem on Striper Addiction rigs and these guys are now believers our products. Played around a little with the rigs in some difficult areas trying to catch a walleye on the rigs and we did. Had one around 8-pounds all the way to the back of the boat and when the client tried to lift the fish by the rig, it shook and cut the line with it's sharp gill plate. That was as close as I've seen to a grown man cry. Funny and sad all at the same time.

August 5th, 2007 Fished Tims Ford today- Stop!! Went to Tims Ford for a day of swimming and a picnic lunch with my wife, her employer and her husband. Just so happened I had a couple trolling rods and Striper Addiction rigs with me. As we cruised around showing our guests the beautiful homes along the water I set out the rods and BAM! BAM! BAM! Fished only a short time, but still hooked 11 fish and boated around 8 or 9 of them. Several small fish survived release, but the bigger ones did not. We quit fishing at that point. Water has boiled to near 90 degrees. Catch and release on my guide trips is now being suspended until conditions change. Unless they are small fish. Those interested in fishing Tims Ford with me, be aware of this fact. I will be trying to refine my tactics for other species such as smallmouth, walleyes and catfish to spend more time on the water.

August 2nd, 2007 Tom Maynard, son and Grandson booked a trip to understand how to use Striper Addiction products at Tims Ford. What they didn't know is they were about to experience the trip of a lifetime for them. Setting the hook into more than 30 fish, we boated 25 stripers and 2 smallmouth on Striper Addiction rigs. We started at 11:00 AM and were done by 6:15 PM. Water was 87 degrees.

July 31st, 2007 Striper Addiction Bait Company clients booked a last minute trip to Tims Ford to see what I was talking about. In just a few hours we hooked 18 fish and landed 12 of those. Too bad. We had two big fish get off at boat side. All fish were caught using the "ON FIRE" new little atom rig. Water temperature was 88 degrees.

July 26th, 2007 A day on Tims Ford with Greg Young and Posse proved yet to be another successful day with Captain Ren. Boating around 15 fish and actually leaving the water at about the time the fish started hitting real good is not bad day. Again I used the best thing on the planet to fish for stripers on Tims Ford- The Striper Addiction Medium double loop rig. Fish ranged from 5 to 14 pounds. Water temp was 84 degrees and area storms kept us moving out of prime fishing grounds to avoid inclement weather. Greg and his crew did a great job handling the big fish and everyone caught at least a limit+.

July 23rd, 2007, A Tims Ford day of fishing with striper Guide Billy Kuykendall of Smith Lake (see guide listing to contact Billy) in Alabama from 10:00 to 4:45 PM produced some 15 fish. Billy joined me for the day to learn a little bit about the use of downriggers and small rigs applied to striper fishing. To be honest I hadn't used downriggers this year on Tims and only set my riggers up on the new boat the evening before. Fishing had been so hot with striper addiction full size rigs I hadn't thought about it much. But we did and yes, we caught fish. We did pull a full size rig and caught fish with it as well. The new redesigned atom rig on the downriggers performed excellent and just adds to the arsenal to out smart these great fighters. Billy and I were not after numbers, but tried several different combinations and some odd color arrangements just for curiosity. I certainly did enjoy the day and so did Billy. At 5:00 PM a customer of Striper Addiction, Frank Cole joined me for a couple of hours of instruction on using the medium rigs. Frank was having problems understanding trolling the rig and was only catch walleyes, smallmouth and a occasional striper with them. Now what kind of fool considers catching walleyes and smallmouth a problem is beyond me, but I shared my knowledge on stripers with Frank. In just a short while and only two rods we boated some 20 fish ranging to a little over 10 pounds. We never fished a school of fish more then one pass and kept going to find new fish. Frank is now hooked and has Striper Addiction. Seek Help Frank!

July 16th, 2007, Had my first fishing trip out of my new boat on Percy Priest lake. Wasn't really looking forward to doing a middle of the day heat trip, but that's what time allowed. Fishing had been dismal at best for the other guides. Few fish caught and what was caught ranged small (3 to 5 pounds) in size. I'll be! We caught a total of 7 fish with 2 stripers, 2 largemouth and 3 hybrids. Best fish were 8 and 9 pound hybrids. All caught using the only thing fish would hit. You guessed it! Striper addiction trolling rigs with quick teasers and jigs. Water was 86 degrees and looks terrible. Very stagnate in appearance. We need rain in a bad way for this lake to survive the summer. If we don't get it, we will undoubtedly see fish start to die soon.

July 14th, 2007 Finally, I had the new boat setup enough to fish out of. numerous manufacturing issues and delays in new equipment shipping idled me for a couple of weeks. Took a test run on Tims Ford with the family for a afternoon of swimming, picnicking and maybe a little trolling if the wife would let me. She did! Boated 11 fish and lost 5 this day. Fish ranged from 8 to 18 1/2 pounds. All caught on the striper addiction rigs with quick teasers and 3/4 bucktail jigs dressed with 5" pearl shad bodies. Had a blast!

July 2nd, 2007 After dropping my old boat off to transfer the engine to our new guide boat, I delivered a order to a Tims Ford resident. After some one-on-one instruction on how to set up and marking locations on the lake map for the client, we went fishing for 90 minutes off his pontoon boat. Caught 20 fish from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM All stripers ranging in size from 8 to 16 pounds. Gee! Do you think a guy that catches one or two fish every third or fourth trip was happy to see the effectiveness of the rigs? He chased me around that pontoon for 30 minutes trying to give me a hug. We caught all fish using the medium rigs in 2 and the new 3 ounce size. The best fish were caught on the hot pink and white rig with 5" pearl shad bodies and either the slab spoon or 3/4 ounce matching bucktail jigs. All available on the home page.

June 23rd, 2007 By an invite with Percy Priest angler Kevin Owens on his boat, we fought vicious storms, high winds and a million boaters for an afternoon of fishing. Tough, tough conditions with plenty of time on shore seeking shelter from the lightning. Did manage to catch 7 or 8 fish during the time on the water. Pulled rigs to land our best fish at 7-pound hybrid and a 5 1/2 pound largemouth.

June 16th, 2007 Tournament day, Percy Priest, found us on the water at 2:30 AM catching bait for the event. By 7:30 we had secured the win and vied our time until the final judgment. This was as all MTSA tournaments a C.P.R. tournament (catch-Photograph-release). We finished our day with a 5" victory over the nearest competitor. Our length measurement for the two longest was 54 inches. We boated about 15 fish in the short event.

June 9th, 2007 A relaxing day for me and my son with a good friend saw us at Tims Ford. Not a guide trip, but just a day to enjoy with good company. Several other  Striper Addiction customers were on the water and it was good to place a face to the names of these folks. Yep! Here we go! Started fishing at 2:45 PM. A little more boat traffic then I expected and with the water still down 6 feet the waves from the boats had stirred and muddy the water around the points. After setting three striper addiction rigs out we doubled on the two inside rods after going 20 yards. A pair of 9 pound fish. Continued trolling and continued catching and catching and catching. Took a break for 40 minutes out in the middle of the lake to set a few other fishermen up with rigs and talked with a few more. I guess you can say we had an on the water clinic. After setting these new friends up with rigs and my son jumping on board with one of the boats we side by side trolled a path so they could match speed and trolling pattern. I set four rigs out and so did they. We quadrupled and they didn't get a hit. Unhooked and release fish as fast as possible and caught back up with them. Pulled even and tripled. Decided to hit a different are to leave these folks alone and stay on that pile of fish. I've been in a boat and watched others all around me catch fish after fish and that's frustrating. We trolled several of the branches of the creek I have never trolled before and continued to catch several more fish. No breaking fish were spotted and was probably due to boat traffic keeping them down. Water temperature was 81.2 degrees. Very soon the water will be too warm for the fish to survive and once you have a limit we will quit and target catfish, bass and walleyes. The resource is finite and it's not for us to destroy. Very conservatively caught 25+ fish.

June 7th, 2007 A afternoon trip down to beautiful Tims Ford lake produced an unconfirmed number of fish. Let's just say there was more fish on then there was folks in the boat to reel them in. This fiasco played itself out for several hours and when it was over, I and my clients were wore out. I lost count in the 30's and know we caught better then 45 fish. Here's the deal. We had a very light wind, little boat traffic and fish everywhere you looked from deep water to the banks. Schools of hybrids to 7 pounds were breaking water all around us from 6:00 PM to dark. We never used live bait and stuck with trolling Striper Addiction rigs equipped with 3 and 6 inch quick teasers on the arms and striper addiction slab spoons and 3/4 bucktail jigs as our main baits. Pearl and chartreuse 5" shad bodies on the quick teasers and jigs. For the hybrids breaking around the boat we tossed a 3/4 ounce striper addiction bucktail jigs with white hair and a red head. We cast the jig among the breaking fish and reeled back at a steady pace. Conditions, as mentioned were light winds and water temp was 80 degrees.

June 6th, 2007 A afternoon Tims Ford trip trolling produced some great fishing on a exploring trip. We caught plenty of fish both trolling and by casting jigs to breaking fish. We managed about 20 fish in just few hours of fishing. All fish were caught using striper addiction products with rigs and quick teaser setups accounting for most of the catch. Water was 80 degrees and wind was calm. State Park was our starting point.

June 3rd, 2007 A afternoon trip on Percy Priest produced a 15 fish day. Very, very tough fishing conditions with a brisk 20 to 30 mph wind flowing out of the west. Add to that the heavy weekend boat traffic running over and over what few fish you could locate made them very skittish. Although 15 was my lowest catch total in several trips, this was not due to getting bit. We had 25 pull downs that just didn't stick a fish. I see this often when the boat traffic is heavy. The fish are very spooky and less aggressive. All fish were caught with live bait presented on down lines and striper addiction boards. Water temp was 81 degrees.

May 29th, 2007 A afternoon trip produced 35 fish in total with all but two fish being hybrids. We caught fish from one end of the lake to the other. We caught them trolling and with live bait. We started with a 45 minute warm up on some smaller 4 to 8 pound fish to get the clients used to the hard pull of the fish. Caught 20 in no time. Then we headed down lake searching for trophy class fish using medium rigs dressed with 1/4 ounce quick teasers and slab spoons. Caught several at two locations to 9 1/2 pounds and dropped bait on them both times to tease a trophy out of the pack. The first location produced a couple of small fish, but the second location had some real hogs in it. Caught 8 fish with the smallest at around 10 pounds. The biggest two went 12+ and 16+. Both were hybrids. The 16 now stands as the biggest my clients have taken. Consider that the fish would have weighed over 19 a few weeks back and you have an idea of what a hybrid it was. Wind was 8 to 12 MPH and surface temp was 80 degrees.

May 22nd, 2007 A afternoon trip starting at 1:00 PM saw us catch a tank full of bait and head toward the area we caught them on Sunday. Immediately we were into fish. 8 Rods were set out and before we could get all of them in the water 4 were into fish. We went through the tank of bait pretty fast and went to catch more. By then the sun was going down and we caught maybe a dozen more. Several were caught casting light spinning equipment to breaking fish. Wind was light, air was 85 degrees and water was 80 degrees. 43 fish were boated during the frenzy. 8-pound hybrids were top for the day. Several white bass not included in the count were also boated.

May 20th, 2007 A trip starting at 1:00 PM saw us troll several channel bends catching hybrids to 9 pounds. After locating a good school of fish we caught some live bait and dropped them down on the fish. We caught numerous fish with one hybrid topping 12.5 pounds and another at 10.5 pounds. Weekend boat traffic was heavy in the area, but that didn't stop the fish from hitting. We boated a total of 27 fish. Air was 84 degrees and water was 78 degrees.

May 17th, 2007 A morning corporate guide trip involving 12 boats saw limited action with two boats catching a handful of fish. Others boats including my own didn't fair so well. Most caught 1 to 4 fish. Our best fish was a 12.00 striper that hit a striper addiction rig at mid lake. However, in the afternoon when the wind picked up to 30 MPH I went back out and boated 19 fish in 90 minutes. One fish I lost may have been the biggest I've hooked on Priest. Nearly stripped all 200 yards of my 50# test before coming unhooked. I did boat 3 hybrid over 10 with the biggest at 12.5 pounds.

May 10th, 2007 A 12:00 Noon to 6:45 PM trip saw 8 fish boated trolling striper addiction rigs with quick teasers and slab spoons and bucktail jigs as main baits. Water was dead calm with bluebird skies. Air was 85 degrees and water was 81 degrees. Two 10-pound hybrids were our best fish.

May 5th, 2007 A later afternoon trip that intended for us to go to Percy Priest was turned around to fish Tims and avoid severe storms to the North. After waiting until 5:30 PM for lightening to subside in the area, we trolled several points using striper addiction rigs in the middle third of the lake and caught 4 stripers to 12 pounds. At dark we anchored up and set bait on the bottom and caught 6 small hybrid. Conditions were 82 degrees and water temperature was 78 degrees. Wind was variable from light to 15 MPH.

May 1st, 2007 A 12:00 noon to 6:30 PM Tims Ford trip was tough as the fish were in a post spawn pattern and very inactive. A limit of 6 fish was boated and all fish weighed between 9 and 12 pounds. Again all fish were boated using the striper addiction rigs the same as the 4/21/07 trip. Conditions were bright sunny skies with the wind pushing 12 to 18 MPH out of the west. Talked with several live bait anglers that had zero for the afternoon. Water temperature was 78 degrees.

April 21st, 2007 Tims Ford trip was eventful with nearly 20 fish boated from 5:30 AM to 12:00 Noon. All fish were caught trolling using striper addiction rigs in the new solid chartreuse rig and matching quick teasers in 3/4 ounce size. Striper addiction 5" shad bodies in chartreuse and slab spoons and swim baits as the main baits. Big fish was a 16 pound striper with a 14 to boot. Conditions were bright and sunny with a 10 to 15 MPH wind out of the southwest. Water temperature was 70 degrees.

April 14th, 2007 Mid day trip from 12:00 noon until 4:30 PM caught 14 fish. All trolling using striper addiction rigs, quick teasers and slab spoons, bucktail jigs as main baits. Conditions were deplorable with 30+ MPH winds out of the Northwest. Air temperature was 36 degrees and spitting snow. Water temperature was down to 65 degrees. Big fish of the day were 3 hybrids in the 9+ pound category.

April 9th, 2007 Morning trip from 9:00AM to 3:00 PM caught 17 fish all trolling Striper Addiction rigs and quick teaser set-ups with a combination of Slab spoons, bucktail jigs and swim baits. Big fish during the morning was a 10-pound hybrid. Afternoon trip saw much more action boating 23 fish from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. big fish in the afternoon was a 12 pound striper. Again all fish were caught using the same equipment. A 40 fish day. Conditions for the day were 80 degrees air temperature, 78 surface temperature and a light southerly wind.