Short Wire

Medium double loop

Long double loop

Medium Parachute Rigs

Medium Parachute Rigs are the true trolling teasers. With attractive qualities that includes color to the rig, these rigs have been classified as baits in my home state. The biggest thing with any of the various styles of parachute rigs is the fact that we strive to lure and entice the fish to target the main bait. In many states, (including my home state of Tennessee) it is illegal to have more then one hooked bait per rod if your hooks exceed a certain size. The second feature of these rigs is their size. A typical umbrella style rig can exceed 30 inches from wire tip to wire tip. By spreading the baits out over a larger diameter you increase the likelihood of a fish hitting a teaser as opposed to the one and only hooked bait.

Parachute rigs utilize a finer stainless steel wire then standard umbrella rigs. Because of this they are designed for single hooked baits per rig. The rigs can absorb the torture of multiple fish hookups (where legal), but straightening of the wires may be required after the fight.

The weight of the medium rig lead center is around 2 1/2 ounces. This rig, depending on the size and weight of your teasers and your line test, can obtain depths of up to 20 feet. The rigs can be attached to great effect off from downriggers to obtain deeper depths. These rigs can and do catch a huge variety of predator fish. If it swims and hunts prey, it can most likely be caught with these rigs. (Within reason)

The idea behind the parachute rig is to represent a school of bait fish with a straggler trailing behind. Here is the 9-inch rig setup that I put together prior to a trip to Percy Priest reservoir in 2005. This particular rig caught 7 stripers and hybrids in two hours of trolling.

They say nothing beats live bait, but I beg to differ. With too many tournament wins and money places to list over the past 10 years, the parachute rig places the tool necessary in your hands to have a special day on the water.

Available Colors

White (001) White/Chartreuse (002)
White/Hot Pink (003) Chartreuse (004)
White/Black (005) White/Orange (006)
White/Red (007) White/Blue (008)
Black (009) Red (010)
Blue (011) Pearl (012)
Fire Tiger Chartreuse (013) Fire Tiger Blue (014)
Fire Tiger Pink (015) Fire Tiger Black (016)


Detail Short Wire Medium Wire Long wire
Recommended # Test 20 to 50 20 to 50 20 to 50
Multiple Hooks Not Reccom. Not Reccom. Not Reccom.
Down Rigger use Yes Yes Yes
Depth Range (long lining) 8 to 14 feet 12 to 20 feet 12 to 20 feet
Trolling speeds 2.0 to 4.0 MPH 2.0 to 4.0 MPH 2.0 to 4.0 MPH
Diameter (approximate) 7" 9 1/4" 14" to16"